The Cripple Effect

This poem is available in That Woman in the Wheelchair on amazon


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4 responses to “The Cripple Effect

  1. Carol Williams


    I am a student graduating in June as a Human Services Major specializing as a Autistic Specialist. I have worked for months to get classmates to understand how they affect those with disabilities through action and attitude. I would love to use your poem as part of my senior project on awareness. I would also like to share it with the staff and personnel of the autistic school in which I work. You said everything I have been trying to day for months.


    P.S. I am a disability student, thank you for speaking on behalf of all of us.

  2. Hi Carol,
    Thanks – always nice to hear when other people relate to my poems. Feel free to use the poem but please put the copyright on any copies you use.

    And good luck with your studies 🙂


  3. Alexander Mota

    Poets Name?:D

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