So Many Similes

I’m overwhelmed by similes
like assembly line widgets
blue yellow red green
a bluebird and cardinal mating in a yellow birdhouse on the lawn

Cut I scream
like a movie director
to a crew who
murmurs , whispers, casts sideway glances
like people at a funeral not knowing what to say
who seek the gray
who speak in phrases three words at a time
as if it’s a victory

Now they know how I feel

There’s more

Like a black train speeding through the dark night
with no one at the controls
pure adrenalin pumping
over the tracks
cha rit cha rit cha rit clip clip clip
and a man at the next station
ready to jump in front of the locomotive
like now
he steps onto the track
cha rit cha rit cha rit clip clip clip
it’s not what he wants
so he runs
like a rabbit back into the night
the train now where his foot was

Follow follow him
his legs pumping
all the way home
until, as he leans against the front door,
his four year old son asks
“What’s wrong Daddy?”

Like he can answer that ever
Like anyone but the kid ever asks


So many similes

Copyright 2010 A Different Light


Filed under poem

2 responses to “So Many Similes

  1. Such interesting emotions in this poem…thanks for sharing your poem.

  2. Да все понятно без слів! :))

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