The Kingdom of If Only

This short story is now available in an ebook at 





12 responses to “The Kingdom of If Only

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  2. If only…this weren’t so true to life!

  3. Sounds like you’ve talked to our daughter’s wheelchair supplier. You should consider writing a longer work – reads like The Phantom Toolbooth by Norton Juster. Nice job!

  4. Thanks Rob 🙂 and I hope things work out with your daughter’s wheelchair supplier!

  5. prechie

    hi! the story is very nice. im writing for a school journal. will you allow me to publish your story?

  6. caroline riley

    Hi! I am doing a short (30 minute) spiritual growth portion of a program on People and Disabilities for my United Methodist Women’s group in Feb. 2015. Can I read this to the group? It would not be printed anywhere. Thank you.

  7. caroline riley

    Thank you for the quick response. Loved reading all the stories and poems. I also really like “The Prince who did not wish to be a King” and think this might also work well for my group presentation. Okay to use that one also? Thank you.

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