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14 responses to “A SHORT STORY: THE HOMELESS

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  2. Isobel Rowlands

    What a great short story. Loved it. It’s clever and it held me right to the end.

    • this is a good story but it makes me feel so sad to know that there are people like that out here in this world. the government needs to do something about this

      • I feel it shouldn’t be the government’s responsibility. If people lose what life they had and end up on the streets, they should fight for the life they want. Even if people change over time and die, people will continue to change. If they REALLY want out of their situation, they can accomplish it and will find help. Offering help to those who don’t try for help will be just as depressing program as welfare with people who are too trifling lazy to attempt regaining a life to actually live.

      • bettygreenlee@yahoo.com

        Why not the people?….why the government?….that is how we got tinto this mess!

  3. What a story! My husband brought a homeless woman home a year and a half ago and she is still here..she goes through the trash at night and that makes me so crazy..I guess we took the lady off the streets but we cannot take the street out of her!

  4. i thought this story was very interesting because i never thought they suffer for so many things.

  5. clint vinson

    Great story. I feel bad for them and sometimes i don’t. A story that every stuck up person should read.

  6. those storys were so sad i fell sad about thos peopel 😦 aww

  7. Brandi Lynn

    Just to think that there are people like this everywhere. Ask yourself this…..what can WE do to help!? Donating food and handing some change to people like this or even helping them find jobs or getting them into food programs for their family. I don’t think this story is a good example of homeless because many aren’t homeless because of drugs infact the government helps house those kinds of people but the actual homeless who lost their jobs and can’t get unemployment, the government just takes their house! Do you think this is fair? I may be just a freshman in college but think about it people….what do YOU do when you see a homeless person? Do you just walk by? Or do you stop and help that person out? What if it was YOU?? Hope this doesn’t offend anyone I just hope it will open people’s eyes. 🙂 Thank You!

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