POEMS: With disability themes

These poems contain disability themes.

15 responses to “POEMS: With disability themes

  1. jillian

    Great to have this insigtful resource.

  2. Curt Robbins

    I agree!!! As a Deaf poet, I am expanding my horizons!!

    • Carolyn B Bullock

      I enjoyed reading your poem. Would you like to share poems with the New Horizon’s Newsletter? If so contact me at – Graceful Hope Community Outreach Services – via email- GHCOS@aol.com. I am preparing articles , editing and publishing a Disability Monthly Newsletter to inspire and encourage others to expand their horizons. If you are interested in volunteering to post poems – just let me know.

      Carolyn B. Bullock, Project Manager
      Graceful Hope Community Outreach Services, Inc.
      Crisis Intervention & Prevention – Disability Advocacy & Peer Mentoring
      “Restoring Hope, Which Is The Root Of Success!”
      Email – GHCOS@aol.com

  3. kate doyle

    I am looking for poems by people with a disability about what it is like to be fed.I would like to use them to give some insight to my staff.
    Do you know of any?
    thanks Kate

    • Reading your blog and wondered if you would like to join our brand new social network & social movement site for people affected by medical adversity/disability. We are growing with passionate people. We are currently looking for members to write an article, be featured bloggers, participate in discussions, video talks and give us feedback. Hope you’ll join us at http://www.enerfly.org and if you are interested please e-mail enerfly@live.com

      P.S We are also running a poetry competition where you can win an amazon voucher.

    • Paul J Brenton.

      Dear Kate Doyle What is it like to be fed?
      Disabled in a chair for the unknowing to stare
      It’s not much better in bed,

      I always eat what’s on my spoon
      When A. N. Other feeds my face,
      Why am I helpless here, I shed a tear?
      I must get out of this place,

      The doctor told my folks I did not have long
      Soon to be hearing the heavenly throng,
      As nighttime comes my Angel does too
      Then carries me off to pastures new,

      From on high I look down to where my body lays
      Around me in bright light is how I now spend my days,
      Kate just to let you know I dont have a problem to eat,
      I’m whole in my spitiual body and my life is now complete!!

      (C.) Paul J Brenton 2011.

  4. Mpho Nare

    good day:
    may i please receive a poem about people living with disablies.

    thank u

  5. OMG so touching this is the best poem in the world

  6. this is the best poem in the world

  7. i need a poem that informs people about disablilties

  8. Rebecca

    Please look up a poem titled
    Welcome to Holland
    by Emily Perl Kingsley
    it is about having a disabled child, and coming to terms with it. Have a tissue ready……

  9. nonkululeko nasuku

    hello guy im a social worker student we got this assignment whereby we have to interview someone with disabilities so guys if any one interested please let me know you can email ne to 212531483@stu.ukzn.ac.za. thanks

  10. The poems on this site has inspired me.

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