All the While

You’re living in the past I say
Remembering your body as it was
Glorifying what is gone

All the while

You could be celebrating
Music as it is
The ever present hum of the music you hear

I cannot play it you reply
My hands my hands are gone

In your head, in your ears
There is music I say
That music is today, today.

I watch you weep
Tears flowing soundlessly
Falling on your prosthetic arms.

I know I say I used to play
Before my paralysis.

I see you look at me.

At first I wept
It hurt too much to listen to any music
Even in my head, my ears.

How long ago? you ask
Fourteen years I say.

Fourteen years you say
And close your eyes.

Are you okay I ask

I’m just listening
In my ears and head you say

Has it gone away? I ask
You shake your head no

The music is there

It’s been there I say
All the while.

Copyright 2007 Ruth Harrigan

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