My fairy godmother rides a Harley

wishes rose
like cream to the top of my coffee

then the harley
pulled up. my fairy godmother
stepped off, her long gray hair
cascading down the back of her leather jacket
not what i pictured

she spat on the ground
and ambled into the diner
whisking out her wand

you called? she asked
i nodded eagerly
well get on with it. tell me what you want.

her wand bent under the weight of my wishes
world peace, the end of world hunger
a long vacation in Europe, a duplex by the sea
a better job and salary
a handsome prince just for me


oh dear
have you got a spare wand?
can you grant my wishes
fairy godmother?
i asked

give me a break honey
she said
i got a long ride and this is
the best i can do

she stuffed four quarters into the jukebox
hit some buttons
then stumbled down the diner steps, waving

sighing i sipped my coffee
and listened to Springsteen
and don’t you know
i felt better

Copyright 2007 Ruth Harrigan

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