Grandpa’s Tree

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12 responses to “Grandpa’s Tree

  1. cheryl gluck

    loved this story. can i share it with others.

    • Cheryl,

      thanks very much.

      I’m happy to share my work via links online or a small number of copies on the following conditions :if my copyright is included ,a maximum of 30 copies are printed for use in a group and if it’s not for profit. I’m more flexible if teachers want to use copies. I can think of other exceptions I’d be willing to make, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to share it another way.

  2. Rob Simpson

    Dear Ruth,

    Great story!

    I am English Studies Coordinator at a HS in Sydney, Australia. Any chance I could have permission to use it as part of an assessment task paper, using it with other resources linked to a disability theme. The students are in their final year of secondary schooling and are also currently fundraising for a local organisation to install a hydrotherapy pool at a local special needs school.

    The story, or an extract of it, would be printed 172 times (equivalent to the number of students in the cohort) for the purpose of the paper.

    Your permission and assistance would be greatly appreciated.



    • Hi Rob,

      Sure, you can have permission for that purpose as long as a copyright is placed on the copies of the work. What a wonderful fundraising event the students are doing – that’s great.

      Thanks for choosing the story!


      • rob simpson

        Dear Ruth,

        Thanks so much for allowing me to use the narrative; there were appropriate acknowledgements provided on the paper.

        Several teachers, including our Social Justice and Curriculum Coordinators, commented on the strong messages of ‘inclusiveness’ and links to our Lenten Fundraising initiatives that were powerful parts of the narrative.

        I have certainly promoted your stories amongst my faculty members.

        Best wishes with current and future endeavours.

        Kind Regards,


      • Dear Rob,
        Thank you for sharing my work with your colleagues. Appreciate that very much.
        Take care,

  3. E.Dugan

    Dear Ruth,

    I am an English Teacher in South Carolina and found your story. I can’t wait to share it with my students. I am hoping to have your permission to share it with my students by reading it aloud, including your copyright information.

    Keep writing,
    E. Dugan

  4. Jennica

    I would also like permission to have my students read your short story.

  5. payal gupta

    Hi Ruth. i am in India and writing a series of moral science books. as a mother of a cerebral palsy child i always felt that the society must be trained to think how can a differently abled person do things rather than thinking that he would not be able to do it because he is not as abled as many others. with this in mind i have included sensitivity to disability as a moral virtue in all books from grade 1 to 10. i try to talk of different aspects and forms of disability, that it can happen to anyone and that life should not come to a stand still if one has certain limitations. i am trying to create a different perspective and find your story hitting the bull’s eye. please allow me to use your story along with your name in one of my books for grade 6 to 8. it would also be great if you could let me know little more about your self and your work which i could include in the lesson. i would also like to have the link where children can go online and read more of such stories created by you.

    • Your book sounds wonderful, but I too will be publishing my stories in my own book, so unfortunately I can’t grant permission for actually using my story and/or reprinting it in your book. However, if you’d like to link to it and other stories online, that would be okay. Good luck with your book!

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