First Word War

This short story is now available at the Amazon Kindle store. 


3 responses to “First Word War

  1. ebogue

    I just love this!

    I have so many students who struggle – not with words but with numbers – and seem to have been fighting this type of war for years. By the time I meet them, they are so used to proving they CAN’T do math that it’s hard to have that first word.

    I had a delightful talk this morning with a student who was scared at the start of class – then was seriously ill and missed 3 weeks in the middle of the semester – but is managing to finish up her project and pass everything with decent grades. Somewhere along the line, Gilbert mush have visited her too.

  2. Glad you liked it! Gilbert is quite a guy. He gets around 🙂

    I got the idea for this story after talking to a student who is struggling with using adaptive technology – and the elf – well I’ve read too many scifi/fantasy books!

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